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What to Expect Before & After Your Appointment

How long does my hair need to be?

Your hair must be atleast the size of a grain of rice.

What do I need to get ready for my wax appointment at Love Beyond Skin?

Please be sure to exfoliate the desired area a few days before your wax appointment, to help with the hair removal process. Also, you want to be comfortable right? So, wear your favorite baggy sweatpants or anything that is NOT fitted.

Is waxing safe?

Yes, of course! Here at Love Beyond Skin we pride ourselves on our great cleansing and sanitization practices. We will always use new fresh gloves and the highest quality sanitization solution for any of our service tools.

How Will My Skin React After Waxing?

After your first wax, the skin may be a bit red and irritated. This is normal and should calm down within a few hours. Please keep in mind that no matter how many precautions are taken it is difficult to predict how everyone’s skin may react, e.g. bruising and peeling.

Are there any reasons i should not be waxed?

Please disclose any prescription skincare medications prior to your service! As many medications are contraindicative to waxing, it is imperative you let your esthetician know so that extra precautions can be made, even rescheduling if needed. *You should not receive any facial waxing if you are using the following products: Retin A, Renova, Differin. *If you are on Accutane, we will not wax you and it is not recommended to be waxed for at least a year after you have stopped using it. *If you have been or plan to be out in the sun within 24-48 hours before or after an appointment, you should not be waxed. If you are sunburned in the area you want waxed, we will not wax you. Certain scenarios may arise where it may not be a good idea to wax, above and beyond the things previously mentioned and in such cases your esthetician will discuss the circumstances with you. Please know that if you are not being waxed for any reason, it is only because we have your best interest at heart!

Does The Love Beyond Skin "DOUBLE DIP"

Double-dipping is a common practice at many salons, but not at Love Beyond Skin. Our waxing sticks are dipped into the wax once, applied to the client once, and then discarded. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible; we are aware using multiple sticks creates excess waste, but sanitation is our top priority.


Please help stop the spread of COVID-19! CLIENTS AND STAFF ARE REQUIRED TO PROPERLY WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES WHEN INSIDE THE BUILDING. For facial services requiring mask removal, staff will additionally wear a face shield during that service. Once the facial service is complete, clients MUST put their mask back on. We have increased our already stringent sanitation and disinfection procedures to ensure your safety. *Treatment rooms and all high touch surface areas are disinfected thoroughly between each client . *Sanitizer is available throughout the salon; we ask that you sanitize your hands upon entering. *Service times have been extended to accommodate for additional cleaning. *We are allowing only 2 clients in the salon at a time. *CANCEL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS RELATED TO COVID OR HAVE HAD A KNOWN EXPOSURE. Our small business relies on remaining healthy; not having to quarantine is imperative to our success. *Touchless payment has been made available.

Why Does Skin Darken?

Melanin, a naturally occurring chemical in the body, works to darken skin color as a way to protect it from the rays of the sun. As more and more melanin is produced, the skin eventually darkens. Substances such as hydroquinone, mercury, and other key lightening chemicals reduce the production of melanin in the skin. When applied to a specific area, the skin is thus lightened.

What Is Intimate Bleaching?

Intimate bleaching will lighten and even out your skin tone to your most intimate areas (underarms, elbows, knees, groin, inner thigh, pubic area and anus). This treatment is meant to be done in 4-6 sessions to see noticeable results. At Home Kit Should Be Purchase with Each Service. Disclaimer: Series of treatment is needed depending on skin discoloration. Results may vary from person to person. Contact us for more information. Intimate bleaching will lighten and even out your skin tone to your most intimate areas (underarms, elbows, knees, groin, inner thigh, pubic area and anus). This treatment is meant to be done in 4-6 sessions to see noticeable results. This treatment is great for first timers, but if pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have any skin condition/STD please ask your physician if this treatment is right for you. DO NOT SHAVE/ WAX 7- 10 days before or after the treatment.